Central Florida Market Statistics

Orlando Area 

(Lake, Orange, Osceola, Polk, Seminole, Volusia counties)

With this blue chart follow the general trend of real estate prices in Central Florida (Note, that with some electronic devices the charts take a little longer to appear)

This green chart shows the number of homes for sell in Central Florida. This is the supply. By following this chart, you will be better able to predict the direction of prices (or the blue chart). If the supply on homes for sale is declining, there will be increased pressure for prices (charted in blue) to increase. The first indicator that the prices (charted in blue) may go down, is when you see the green chart (or supply) start to go up. Thus, keep a close watch on the green supply chart it can help you predict the direction of real estate prices (blue chart).

With this chart you will notice that the supply of homes on the market will vary depending on the time of year. This can help you buy or sell at the optimum time. It also helps you better read the supply chart, to know if an adjustment in supply has more to do with the time of year than a new trend forming.

These three charts give you a general feel for the real estate market in Central Florida. Next, go to Market Stats by County  to follow the local market where you live or where you desire to live. Then, if you really want to how this market is impacting you directly, go to Personal Stats, there you can sign up for your own personalized and password protected webpage that will automatically track an estimate of your home’s value.   What’s there to lose, it’s free with no obligations!